Rikus Spithorst - Their image is smeared

The nurse at my doctor’s office. Friendly and always knowing what to do.

The men who run the Turkish supermarket, who sell the best food at very pleasing prices with a friendy smile on their faces.

The cleaning girl at the broadcasting company I worked at for many years. On Muslim holidays, but also between them, she very often offered me her nice Moroccan foodies.

The owner of the bakery, who sells delicious stuff, who is always in for a chat and who always brings great cakes at the parties my best friend organizes.

The lovely girl at the Coffee Company who gave me lots of free coffee with a wink. I hope she will enjoy her trip around the world.

The outgoing man who  always steps off his bicycle to inquire about the wellbeing of me and my loved ones.

The elderly gentleman from the neighbourhood where I live, who I once showed the way to the local physiotherapy practice, and who always greets me since then, with one hand on his heart and a soft handshake.

The happy assistant store manager and the smiling cashier girl who are the reason that I like to visit the Albert Heijn supermarket in the street where I live.

The hearty tram driver who is always interested in my health and always shows his interest in the passengers organization that I am closely involved which.

The kind and smart improvisational actor who faithfully attended my workshops, so we always were able to play beautiful scenes together.

All the people mentioned above have never hurt anybody. But they all are people with an Islamic background. All people who, consciously or unconsciously, are looked at with hatred. Because "they belong to a religion in whose name repeatedly innocent Westerners are massacred". This idea in the heads of many is off course an irrational generalization, but on the other hand is also the result of understandable emotions.

That makes me sad. People who have meant something to me in many different ways and still mean, are indirect victims of the crimes of murderous imbeciles of the very lowest kind. For that reason acting against Muslim criminals, plotters and admirers of the terror by Islamic fundamentalists must be tough. Very tough. In order to prevent and to retaliate.