March 3rd 2019

Driek Oplopers - Desert pedophile Yago Riedijk does not belong here

When you rightly point out that the Prophet Muhammad was a murderous desert pedophile, you run a fair chance that you have to answer to the criminal judge for this factually correct determination. Because the average Muslim is easily offended. But Yago Riedijk has followed in the footsteps of the Prophet, and he may well be described fairly. There we go: Yago Riedijk is a murderous desert pedophile.

This guy Yago Riedijk, originally from Arnhem, joined Mohammedan terrorists - finally with IS - who spent their days slaughtering innocent dissenters in Syria and Iraq. In the midst of the murders, he married a child of 15, and begot a son with her. So yes, Yago Riedijk is a murderous (IS) desert pedophile (marries in an Arab country with a child).

Now that he and his terrorist friends have lost the battle, Yago thinks he can return to Arnhem. What a lunatic! An idiot. A brainwashed nobody.

Yago Riedijk has no right to even enter the Netherlands. He went into a foreign military service, automatically losing his Dutch nationality. He is not a refugee either: he is not a victim (which is the characteristic of a refugee), but a perpetrator. Yago Riedijk has participated in war and terrorist acts, and must be set on trial in the country where he committed it: Iraq or Syria. He will therefore have to be tried there, according to the laws that apply there. According to the laws of a country where he knowingly traveled to commit his misdeeds. He will have to undergo his punishment there, even if he is sentenced to death. And if he is sentenced to a prison sentence, he must serve it there, and not at the expense of the Dutch taxpayer in a relatively luxurious Dutch correction facility.

His wife also has no right to come to the Netherlands. Apart from the fact that she has (or had) the British nationality, and not the Dutch citizenship, she also actively participated in the war crimes. Because also activities like cooking, doing the laundry and ensuring the sexual satisfaction of fighters are, in my opinion, warfare. They facilitate the fighters in carrying out their misdeeds. For that reason, Mrs Riedijk should also be tried and punished yonder.

And no, their child also has nothing to look for in our country. He was not born in the Netherlands and none of the parents has the Dutch nationality (anymore).

When Mr. and Mrs. Riedijk report at a Dutch consulate, she should be denied access, and should be transferred to the local authorities. I hope to be hanged. Their baby can then go to a local orphanage. Because really: I'd prefer to see a thousand hanged terrorists over a slaughtered Dutch columnist, filmmaker, opinion maker, politician or innocent passer-by.